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How to insert PNGs with transparency into runtime?


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I've run into a problem in trying to insert PNGs (with the transparency channel) into containers in a runtime application (on Windows). I've done it for years in my development environment and never realized there was a problem with runtimes.

Here's an excerpt from an excellent article by Kevin Hammond on dbServices.com that explains the basics:

Using and Inserting Graphics in Filemaker Layouts

FileMaker gives you the option of inserting pictures from a variety of graphic file types, however the graphic file type you should predominantly use is a transparent PNG. While other file types are competent, PNG has superior capability when handling transparency with a wide spectrum of color. (GIFs support transparency, but are limited to 256 colors.)

To insert your graphics in Layout Mode, use the "Insert Picture" function. While FileMaker allows you to copy and paste graphics, it's inconsistent in its results. As a best practice, always use the Insert Picture function.

The problem is: there is no Insert Picture when right clicking the container in a runtime. Indeed, pasting gets inconsistent results, just like Kevin indicates — although dragging from another container elsewhere in the runtime does work. I just can't get new PNGs into the installed application (if they have the transparency channel).

Does anyone know of a reliable operation or sequence of steps that can preserve the transparency attributes?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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You can make a script with the script step 'Insert Picture'. Attach the script to a little button next to the container field.

That's the idea I was looking for. I think I'll simplify things by having a single container (with the button beside it) for the user to insert their graphic into. Once it's "in" the runtime, they'll be able to drag and drop it into any container on the layout.

Thanks for your help.

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This topic is 4303 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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