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Access permission error on SaveRecordAsPDF (FMP11, OSX10.7.4)

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I need to output a lot of 6-month reports and email them off to various people.

The script works under WIndowsXP, creating a PDF from one table/layout, then appending new pages to that same PDF from other tables in the same database.

When I move the script to OSX, however, the initial PDF created using SaveRecordAsPDF is created with permissions set to R/W for me, but to read-only for Staff and Everyone, (apparently) making it impossible for the following script steps to append new pages to the PDF. (FMP reports that it canot access the created PDF, and since the permissions are set to read-only for other users, and I think FMP reports itself as a user, I suspect that's what the problem is... correct me if I'm wrong!)

I'm testing this in a folder on my OSX10.7 machine, folder and all FMP files set to unlimited access. If I can get it working, I will want to run it from the v11.FMS running on a 10.7 machine.

I don't especially care where it generates the PDFs, as long as they're emailed they can be deleted immediately. (I get a cc of the email).

If necessary I can generate three PDFs and just mail all three of them to the same person, but it would be nicer if the recipient only needed to open/print one file.

Any suggestions on how to fix this permissions issue?


Addition added later:

Never mind... I'm an imbecile, and sorry for having bothered you.

File path specifications are different between Mac and WIndows.

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