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Text runon in email body text

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FMP11 under OSX10.7, sending email to Outlook 14

When I generate the email, I want the body text to be calculated depending on an external field. That part works fine.

The body of the message, however, appears as a single run-on block in the email, regardless of the paragraph markers.

I suspect I'm missing something obvious, as I often do, but cannot see why this shouldn't work.

Any suggestions?


If (Mailings.language="English";

"Thank you for all your assistance and support throughout the year." & "¶¶" &

"I enclose the report for the prior six months. If you cannot open the file, or you would prefer a printout by mail, please reply to this email and I will be happy to help. " & "¶¶" &

"Best regards";

...[the rest of the IF statement...]

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I tried using char(10), char(13) and char(10)&char(13) as the CR/LF codes in the above, instead of the paragraph symbol, and the output displayed in the Outlook message was the same.

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OK, I have a better idea of what the issue is.

When I set the script to send the email via SMTP direct, it works perfectly, with CR/LF where they are supposed to be.

When I set the script to go through my email client (Outlook), all the CR/LF codes are stripped out.

I haven't been able to find any setting anywhere in Outlook or FMP that might have any effect, unfortunately....

I say unfortunately, because unless I can see each email one at a time and make sure it says what it is supposed to say, it'll be a royal PITA to debug the whole script...

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