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Optimizing FileMaker 12 Layouts

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by Matt Petrowsky



Wow! The FileMaker 12 release has either been a "love it" or "hate it" experience for a number of developers. Regardless of where you stand, the new file format and the layout changes are here to stay. It's the future of FileMaker and how things will be rendered.

Speaking of how things are rendered, there was a very enlightening session at the 2012 Annual Devcon in Miami, FL. FileMaker Inc, in particular Andrew Paulsen, presented a topic named Under the Hood: FileMaker Pro 12 Layouts & Themes. In this session it was covered that FileMaker Layouts act and behave very much like web pages do - hmmnnnnnnn...

Sure, many developers want to be protected from having to know yet another language (such as CSS), but those developers will quickly be left behind - as their solutions won't be optimized.

In this video I extend what was discussed, and cover how layouts can be optimized for the best network performance possible. If you want your FileMaker 12 solution to have the best possible chance of being both fast and flexible then you need to know what is going on!

Details: Released - 6/12/2012 / Size - 139.42 MB / Length - 44 min

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