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Problems with conditional value lists

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Hi all

I have a problem setting up a 3 tier conditional value list

I want to have 3 fields Region, sub-region and document source

the first field is a list of continents then countries and then document sources

I have managed to get the second tier working but not the third

Their are two tables (main and jurisdictions)- they are linked by Region - the main table has the 3 above fields plus many others - the jurisdiction table contains only the above 3 fields

I have the region field in the main table set as a custom value list

I have the sub region field in the main table set as a value list to work off of the sub region field in jurisdiction showing only related values

The whole thing works fine up to this point

The document source field on main is set as a value list to work off of the document source field in sub region showing only related values - but it shows all values entered in the jurisdiction table regardless of what is entered in the above two fields

I have scanned thru several forums but either don't understand what is going on or there is no example file.

Does anyone have a small simple example of how to do this for a 3 tier list

Many thanks for reading

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