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Creating snapshots of data (multiple fields)

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I've started building a database to track investments (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc.). What I'm after is to periodically duplicate all the records, set a date field with today's date, and update the quantities and prices of the investments. The investments have a field that describes their type (e.g., bond, international, risk, etc.). The outcome is to be able to see snapshots of investments over time, and compare them, as well as to see the current state.

I'm sure this is a very common type of database design. However I'm note sure of how to build it (there are probably a number of good ways to build it). Thinking in ERD terms, I was thinking of an investment table, a data table, and then a join table in the middle. Thanks.


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That's brilliant. The global selected date is something I hadn't considered. Thank you!

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