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please help writing body email

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Hello , i need your help ,

i would like to know how to write a body email that shows me uncompleted task of the whole database ?

complete=0 ( this is uncomplete task)

complete=1 ( this is complete task)

i dont know how to make a search and put the result on the body ,

this send mail script is going to be used in Filemaker server as a schedule script .

please let me know a solution ,

thank you ,

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Write a script along the lines of

Go to Layout [ MyLayout ; MyTableOccurrence ]

Enter Find Mode

Set Field ( MyTable::status ; 1 )

Set Error Capture [ On ]

Perform Find

Set Variable [ $mailBody ;

Let ( [

all = Get ( TotalRecordCount ) ;

completed = Get ( FoundCount ) ;

noncompleted = all - completed ] ;

all & " records, " & noncompleted & " not completed, (" & completed & " completed)."



Then use $mailBody as the value for the e-mail message parameter.

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