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SuperContainer Server "Quit Unexpectedly" After upgrading to Java

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On Mac OS X Server Version 10.6.8

Been Running SuperConatiner v2.85 without any issues for months. Yesterday morning I update my Java to v. 1.6.0_33 (Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 9) and this morning I get a call that our image server is not working. found the following messages/logs:

Popup Error Dialog:

"SuperContainer Quit Unexpectedly"

Console Log:

8/22/12 7:54:40 AM [0x0-0x117117].com.apple.JarLauncher[69487]

java.io.FileNotFoundException: /Library/FileMaker


(Permission denied)

"8/22/12 7:54:40 AM [0x0-0x117117].com.apple.JarLauncher[69487] SEVERE:

Null component


any thoughts?

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SC 2.85 is an relatively old version of the plug-in. I would definitely recommend upgrading SC to the latest (2.864), which should resolve the issue you're running into on your end. Take a look at our SC changelog, which touches on the Java-related issue.


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