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[Solutions] Purchasing inventory selling contacts

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File Name: Purchasing inventory selling contacts

File Submitter: carlosnorvik

File Submitted: 25 Aug 2012

File Category: Solutions

FM Version: 11


This is the purchasing/inventory control/selling/contacts application I use in my office.

Fell free to use it with the following conditions:

a) Any improvement made to it must be made available on this forum.

:cool: Can be used in you own company, but cannot be sold, modified for profit, redistributed, etc.

Applicattion is unlocked (User; Admin, PW; Admin) but HIGHLY localized for my own needs, many layouts/tabs will probably be useless for many people, and many have been deleted in this upload.

Application is in Spanish, except for 2 tabs in the start Layout (BUY and SELL)

It includes 4 separate fp7 files.

I am far from being an expert, therefore it most likely can be vastly improved by experienced users.

It keeps inventory, but I still don't like the way I do it.

Best regards


Click here to download this file

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