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Trying to use multi condition if statement to do a field count - not working

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Have a sports db with a goals table and a players table goals are added to the goal field in the goalstable using the players jersey number. I'm trying to do a count of each players goal totals in the players table by using a multi condition if statement, both the goals table and the players table have team and division fields but its not working.

Here's the if statement:

If ((Division = Goals 2::Division) and (Team = Goals 2::Team) and (JerseyNumber = Goals 2::Goal) ; Count(Goals 2::Goal ); "" )

The key in the relationship is the goal field in the goals table and the jerseyNumber in the players table

What happens is the calculation gives all the goals for a given team to one player on that team.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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If you have a relationship between Players and Goals, matching on PlayerID, then =

Count ( Goals 2::PlayerID )

calculated from the Players table, will return the count of related records only - no If() statement is required.

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