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mySQL and FM12

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I've had no success trying to get mySQL Connector 5.1.1 Community Edition to work with my installation of FMServerADV12.

In Windows Server 2011 (64bit) the 64 bit connector will allow entry/configuration of DSNs, but as soon as s/o attempts to USE a database in which they're involved, the database server (only) crashes.

In the same server, using a 32-bit connector also allows entry/configuration of DSNs, but in THAT case, we get the dreaded "Architecture Mismatch Error".

In an upgrade of a 2003 Server (32-bit) we'd hoped to get rid of, the 32-bit installation of FMSAdv12, the 32-bit connector installs fine and allows entry/config of DSNs, but as with the 64-bit version over on the new 2011 server, as soon as someone uses the database, we get a crash.

Any ideas where I should be looking? Especially when several other iterations of FMserver have been successful over the years?

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Perhaps this issue?


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Seems to have resolved things on the 2003 server - now testing on a fresh clean 2011 server installation. We'll see.

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