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David Mosedale

Problem with sending email via SMTP server

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Hi all,

I wonder if anybody can think of anything I have missed here, because I am having problems sending an email from a script directly through the SMTP server.

Firstly, this had been working for ages (months). But suddenly the emails stopped working and ever since I have received the dreaded "1506 error". So then I try and work out what's going on. The db is held on a server (FM 10). But I can bring it down onto my laptop and get the same error on FMPA11. I have tried the SMTP settings from three different email accounts (two of which are on different servers). The Send Mail script step is populated with data from fields - replacing with plain text doesn't help. The "To" box has been replaced with plain text (no brackets anywhere!), the From box has been deleted, put back in with and without spaces. The email is correctly generated if you "Send Email via Email client". The email accounts can be accessed with exactly the same settings as I use to put into FileMaker if I put them into my email client on my laptop, so it is not a port issue when I am running it directly on my computer (even if it could be when hosted elsewhere).

Can anyone think of anything I haven't tried? I have asked both my email server and hosting provider if they have changed anything but they haven't got back to me yet. The problem is that by trying it both online and here, and changing the email accounts I use I appear to have changed anything and everything, but nothing works. I have even tried SavvyData's Email interrogation db, and that can't connect to the SMTP server either (yes; retyped password a million times too!).

Thanks in advance if anyone can help with this,


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has something changed with your connection encryption or authentication type, you may want to confirm these.

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Not as far as I know. There are 10 or 15 email addresses runnign through my email server on a daily basis, in addition to the one account being used by FileMaker. It is also my understanding that the email interrogation database from Savvy checks all different authentication and encryption options when it runs. But I will flag it up as a possibility with my email server admin, who is looking into this for me.

Thanks for the suggestion,


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