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2.864 Plugin Upload Bug?

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Am upgrading to SuperContainer 2.864 and the 2.864 plugin however am running into an issue on my test server. Downloading works fine however when uploading it names the file as the last folder and loses the extension (.pdf in my case).

Am using the same script that I have used with 2.82 (that has been used to upload thousands of documents)

The script is basically like this:

Set Variable[$whatever; Value: SCSetBaseURL( “http://myservername/SuperContainer/Files/” ) ]

Set Variable[$selectedfile; Value: SCChooseFile( "" )]

Set Variable [ $plugSet; Value: SCSetContainer( “/PATIENT/0/82/82831?”; $selectedfile ) ]

So in this case it named the document 82831 without the extension. In my live SuperContainer 2.82 plugin/server it would put the document in the 82831 folder and leave the filename the same as it was (and with its’ extension).

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by removing the ? and forcing the "filename=name.pdf" that made it work. Assume there has been some behavior changes from 2.82 to 2.864?

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