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Remote Access via Reverse SSH Tunnel

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I have been able to remotely access a FileMaker Pro 12 Server via a reverse SSH tunnel with a FileMaker Pro 12 client since version 12 was released. I based the SSH connection off the instructions in this very old post: http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/27976-tunnel-filemaker-over-ssh-through-nat/


I have not been able to connect the same way with a FileMaker Pro 13 client (either regular version or advanced) but still can connect with version 12.  Does anyone know if something has changed to disallow this type of access in 13? It works fine with version 12, so I don't think it's the SSH connection that is the issue. 


Below is how I'm connecting. In FileMaker I connect through a remote host at which is an alias so there's not a conflict with the local host address. 


Remote Computer (using a cygwin terminal on Windows 7)
ssh -R 10000: [email protected]
This sets up an SSH tunnel from the remote computer to my home computer.
Local Computer (running OSX 10.9.3)
sudo ifconfig lo0 alias up
sudo ssh -NL [email protected] -p 10000
This connects to the remote computer via SSH over the existing SSH connection - this bypasses any router issues of connecting remotely.
This works great with version 12, but no databases show up in version 13. Could this be a conflict with having 12 and 13 installed on the same computer?
Thanks for any insights. I'm not an expert in SSH by any means.
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This topic is 2618 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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