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Not sure I understand the question completely but here goes.


I downloaded your sample file and it contains only a single record and no relationships on the relationship graph.  Because you only have a single table in your file, I must assume you want to know how to create a relationship in order to see data from the same table that you are already in. The question becomes what data do you want to see in the portal? What should the relationship be based on?  What piece of data will the related records all have in common so that you can, in the simplest sense, have one value = another value?


Since it seems you need a practical example of a relationship for the purposes of creating a portal, I have modified your sample file to those ends.


In my example I want to see all records that share the same ID number.

I duplicated the first record multiple times so that we now have multiple records with the same ID.

Next we go to Define Fields... Relationships.

I duplicated the Untitled table occurrence and renamed the duplicate Untitled_Portal so that it's purpose is clear.

I then use the ID field to create a link between the 'Untitled' and 'Untitled_Portal' table occurrences.


It is important to note that your current layout views the current record from the context of the 'Untitled' table occurrence.  The relationship between Untitled and Untitled_Portal provide the means for you to view any other records that have the same ID in common using the Untitled_Portal table occurrence which is based on the same table.


I think from looking at your expiration date calc that is broken, you wanted to have the expiration date based on the original date combined with the period?


I added a new calculation field ExpirationDate_c. If this was not your intent you can just delete it. This new field adds the number from the period field to the year from the date field to create an expiration date.

The calculation is:  Date( Month(Date) ; Day(Date) ; Year(Date) + GetAsNumber(Period) )


I then changed the period field on the layout so that it uses radio buttons instead of check boxes so that only a single option can be selected so that the calculation can correctly add either 2 or 5 to the year.


Last I have created a portal on your layout by choosing the portal option in the toolbar in layout mode. I pointed this portal to the Untitled_Portal table occurrence and chose the fields I wanted to see.


Hope this helps you to understand how portals work!


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This topic is 2603 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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