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Ive been searching for a solution without any luck, or maybe this just isn't how a web viewer is suppose to work, however...


From my filemaker database I would like the user to click on a button whilst in Kiosk mode and bring up a window containing a web page where they can interact and then close it down which works fine, however the page won't refresh unless i right click+control and click refresh (web page contains a calendar so can see its not refreshing).


Is there a way for this to be done automatically?


Im using... Set Web Viewer in my script and have tried Reload also.


Thanks in advance


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posting a .fmp12 file here which has the environment you describe as well as the behavior you are after (I think).  does this work for you or does it stick as well ? 

unzip it, and click to open without removing it from the folder which is where the referenced url sits.


things I would look at.


1)  set webviewer has reset and reload as 2 of its available actions.  I always forget which is which but one of them never seems to do much and the other does.  try them both (in your popup window script).

2)  depending on what you find above, try keeping the webviewer source unassigned  (when you dbl click on webviewer from within layout mode to define the source, leave this blank).

3)  with the webviewer assignment blank, add a set webview script step to your launch / init webviewer and use the action, "go to URL" and setup the correct assignments.

4)  check to make sure your webviewer object name is really what you think it is.  A common f@#K is when working in layout mode, you copy the webviewer to use elsewhere in the layout or copy it to head off to another layout to add to its design.  The moment you copied and pasted, if the object name was defined, the spawn created on paste appends a 2 to the name to avoid having duplicate named objects on the same layout.  you think everything is all good until you realize your scripts which target object names are not reaching their intended spot.  Then you think back to highschool and get flashbacks to the countless hours in heavy conversation with your friends trying to map out the strategy which will allow you to have 2 or more girlfriends at the same time and / or consoling the one who did but just had his world destroyed by way of these facts making their way back to one of the many.  Little did you know that you were already in training for database architecture (or more importantly - all you had to do was add a "02" to number 2 and so on, you would have been fine !)


5) this shouldn't be affecting the webview populating but, onlayout enter and/or wherever you are running your setup script to display your popup, add a goto object script step with the webview name so it gives it focus from the get go.


you should be getting webview to light up immediately so you are in good shape in terms of what you are after.  just need to find the hold up. 

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This topic is 2034 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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