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Filemaker Server as web proxy using Web Viewer


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I have several applications where I would like the FileMaker server to act as a web proxy.  In other words, I want to grant access to some private corporate web sites that only the filemaker server itself is allowed to get to (controlled by firewall).  From what I can tell the web viewer works from a client perspective meaning that whatever URL is set in the web viewer is reached directly from the client rather than from the server.  What I would like is for the FileMaker server to be able to set itself as a proxy address for anything viewed through the web viewer and then run a proxy in the background that permits any filemaker user with the correct permission to use it.  This would allow filemaker to be used as a gateway to internal sites in what is effectively a "closed browser" so site can be accessed from external users without having to open up those sites to the Internet and access can be limited to access through filemaker which at least makes it difficult to see or save the URLs (and the URLs would be useless anyway as they would only work through the proxy).  


I know I could sort of make this work by manipulating the string of the initial URL for the web viewer to explicitly hit a URL through a proxy, but that technique would not work for any subsequent links they might click on.


If anyone knows of a plug-in or other way to make this work, I would have a whole lot of new use-cases for Filemaker server.



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I believe this is what you are looking for: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=jwt+passport+nodejs

I see 2 approaches for you to harvest the data:

  1) this might actually be able to help you: http://www.restfm.com or

  2) you can run a simple XML2JSON.xslt with FileMaker;


yet the key in both cases is SSL and tokenized JWT for example using NodeJS, express and passport

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This topic is 2946 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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