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I'm a newbie on barcodes, scripts and such so be gentle. Since I'm learning and missed the 25% incentive off on the inevitable purchase of Barcode Creator, I found and am wowfully using a cheaper alternative to learn from. I am now able to search by scanning a barcode for an item in my database (1,100+ items), generate a barcode by entering one of like 15 symbologies then copy it to the clipboard and paste it in the FMSP container field (SKU or serial), print said barcode, enter the barcode as data and scan an item and drop it in an invoice or estimate and much more. I understand dropping the scripts in Scripts/Manage Scripts but saw a Geist video where he refers to having to do additional scripts? Did I hear that right? I didn't want to pay $200 for something and not get the full benefit of it because I didn't know how to do my own scripts. That being said, I assume BC will scan and paste the barcode in the container field (SKU or serial) as a picture automatically? Does that mean I can eventually write a script to take it from the clipboard (where the program I'm using now puts it) and paste it in the FMSP SKU container field? I've having to paste it there now which is no big deal but it is another step that could be eliminated. I have added a third barcode and container field successfully which I think I picked up off one of the 20hr+ training videos. Really liking this so far. Oh, I'm also assuming BC has alot of label sizes configured in it for printing? That would be a time saver too. 

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Hi Soarin,


So lots of Questions.  I think we covered all this in the training videos in pretty good depth.  The Geist Barcode Creator can be integrated by copying and pasting a set of scripts... and then fixing on perform script command.  I walked through this twice in two different videos.


Barcode Creator puts the barcode into a container.   


One of the video I shot... shows you how to hijack my scripts to totally customize the barcode creation process... so you know how it works.


You pretty much don't have to write any script because we wrote them all for you already... and the training videos walk you through the process of using our scripts...and recycling them as necessary.




- Richard

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This topic is 2931 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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