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Importing Records w/ Secure Container Storage


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Hi -- I'm working with a solution that has been up and running for a few years.  Recently I've added various layouts for access in Filemaker Go on an iPad.  I'm working with FMP 13, just the desktop version, not on Server.


The easiest approach seemed to be to make the new additions on a copy of the database since it was a lengthy process and the database needed to be in use the whole time.  So, now the new version is complete, and I just need to import the data  from the active database file into the new solution.  This should be pretty easy since there are only about 7 tables and I haven't introduced any new data fields -- all the Field names match up nicely for the table-by-table import.


The one part I'm uncertain how to handle, though, is a Container Field that we have set up for "Secure External Storage" -- I'm working from a distance and using Dropbox to send files back and forth, and I don't think it will work for me to simply take the Database file alone (without the Secure storage folder), import the records into the new solution and then put the new database file into the appropriate folder next to the 'Secure' folder.  (Will it?)


How about if I change the External Storage Option from 'Secure' to 'OPEN' first? Then I have the client send me the database file, do the import, send the new database file back, put it in its proper place and then change the storage back to 'Secure'?  


I'm thinking that should do the trick -- or do I need to have the Container field data (the image folders) sitting next to the database file when I actually do the import for the connections to be properly established?


Or is there a different way I should go about this altogether?  

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This topic is 2843 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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