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Startup Security

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By Matt Petrowsky

Security is something of increasing concern these days - seriously! It seems as if we can't have a solid week pass by without hearing about some kind of significant breach. While web security has its own issues to think about, you can't just ignore your FileMaker databases.

It may seem all too easy to simply assume that FileMaker is a "low risk target" and just "hope" things are secured. In fact, it turns out that FileMaker's initial server setup is a bit insecure - at least if certain plug-ins are installed to the server without closing the hole which is the FMServer_Sample file.

Knowing the "whole" FileMaker development environment including, client, server, mobile, web and other technologies is something which comes only with time. However, with videos like this one, you can quickly come up to speed with the most critical information about how you can secure your FileMaker solutions.

Is your database running on a shared host? Does that host allow plug-ins? What happens when someone does get a copy of your file? Have you looked into FileMaker's Encryption At Rest feature? Are you doing everything you can to obscure, block and otherwise make it difficult to get into your solution?

If you can't answer all the questions above then watching this video will provide the answers and more!


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This topic is 2843 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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