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Browser support of SuperContainer PDFs


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Caution: Some words have multiple meanings here.


We have built an CWP application that allows graduate students to apply for summer funding for their research projects. They upload six separate documents into six different SuperContainer fields, all of which works well. Web pages are served from a MacMini with Apache using SSL. The separate Filemaker Server 13 on Windows 2008 Server is also set up for SSL.


Once the funding application has been received, a panel of reviewers must look at each applicant's documents and decide whether to fund it. In our testing, different browsers, especially on Windows, behave differently.


Microsoft Internet Explorer downloads the PDF files from the SuperContainer fields very fast and hands them off to Acrobat Reader very easily.


Google Chrome takes a very long time to download and render the PDF files within its own windows.


FireFox shows a message in each SuperContainer iframe to the effect that the PDF files are on an untrusted location.


We have limited success in recommending a preferred browser.


Can we fix these FireFox and Chrome issues or do we just have to live with them?



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This topic is 2839 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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