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Search fields inside a Popup


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This is a very begineer post, but here it go!


Can I make a text field a search field in a layout in browse mode? I want it to be a search box that stays on the header all the time that instant search one specific field without having to go into find mode or change layouts. Then, if that is possible, could I have few of those searchboxes inside a popup menu?

I saw few examples of the quickfind search field showing inside layouts but I really couldnt figure out how to reproduce it!

What I tried so far is having the fields I want to search into the popover with a button that perform the search, it simple says nothing found, how to get the content from the text field and search it is the problem!

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I've got it working with this:


Set Error Capture [ On ] 
Set Variable [ $os1; Value:MadTuto_search::quicksearch ] Enter Find Mode [ ]
Set Field [ MadOsApps::OS; $os1 ]
Perform Find [ ] 
If [ not Get ( FoundCount ) ]
Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Ok"; Message: "None."; Default Button: “OK”, Commit: “No” ] 
End If 

Where MadTuto_search::quicksearch is a global field just for that search and MadOsApps::OS the main table and record ID field.


What is weird is that sometimes, rare, when I type something on the "search field" and enter, it will save that input into the field on the main table instead of going to the global field on the other table. Overall it is working I just need to debug why it is inserting the text sometimes.

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This topic is 2793 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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