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Parts with multiple colors and sizes


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I am trying to create a parts database that has many parts that are exactly the same but have different colors and sizes.  Lets say that one part is a blue widget that is 4" tall.  I can also buy the part in green, red and gold and all of which are 4 inches.  But i can also purchase the same item and it is 5" tall with the same/Different colors. Lets say the 5" version that gold is not available.

I have tried to create a relationship by creating a supplier family to try to achieve this but it is not really the answer I am looking for.

.  What I am trying to accomplish is to have a list that shows the sizes and colors without repeating all of the size and color information, that I can show either in a portal of field on the original part record. 


4" Blue, gold,Green, Red

5" Blue, red, green


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Fitch,

Thank you for your reply.  Sorry for the delay but work has dominated my attention lately and I have not had a moment to study your sample.  After looking at it I understand the concept but ultimately what I would like (don't know if possible) is to somehow have the DB show that if the 4"gold part is found that it shows all of the other colors/sizes that are available for the "Widget"..  The same for the 4" red one.

 I almost think of it like a matrix where all of the 4", 5", 6" etc. parts are related to each other without having to enter duplicate data into every detail record.  That is why I was thinking of the part family relationship.  If the part is a member of the "Widget" family then all of the family members would be related, but when currently viewed in a portal I see all of the colors (for every family member, so blue 3 times 1 for 4", 5", 6" respectively).  Is there a way to filter the portal so that I only get a summary by size of what is available for the family?  Maybe a calculation field?  Really not sure and I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.




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This topic is 2775 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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