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Email Preferences password field is actually password display field in 4.5


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I downloaded 4.5 and began to evaluate the features. I navigated to Preferences, email tab and setup the email for smtp. I created a record in contacts with my personal info and sent myself an email and received an error = 0 notice and the email failed to send but was created and related to my contact record.

After reviewing the script, all looked good. I came here for support and found one related topic. One of the peeps that responded mentioned that if you hard code all info instead of referencing the smtp fields from preferences in the send mail script, the send mail worked. After trying his suggestion I took it a step further and began to re-reference the pref fields one at a time and testing the send mail in Contacts with each re-reference. I kept the password field for last as I had my suspicions that it was the culprit.

That turned out to be the case as the field that is displayed next to the field title "Password" is actually the password display field. when I changed it to the password field and then re-entered the password all was good.

Thank you and great job on FM SP

Robert Bloomfield

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This topic is 2327 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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