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Am I missing something? or Adding Multiple Fields


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Am I missing something? I've used FMPro for decades and can not believe that with the advent of .fmp12 (using version 14) that the Powers that Be decided to dump the ability to add multiple fields to a layout. 

Here are screen shots from Version 9 (.fmp7) 

Screen Shot 1 is the first window when creating a new layout.  There, I choose the type of layout. Screen Shot 2 expands on that choice.  Screen Shot 3 allows one to select ALL the fields desired for that layout in a single action.

The only thing I see with FMP14 is Screen Shot 4.  One window, one choice. Finis.

What I find with .fmp12 is that I have to go to the Insert tab in the menu bar, draw down to "Field..." then select one from the "Specify Field" table. With each added field, I have to reposition that field so that it does not over lap previously added fields.

Then repeat this laborious process over and over and over and over again until I have all 50 fields added.  WTF???  I've search the Help and Forums and find NOTHING. What am I missing or is this REALLY what the people at FM intended?


Screen Shot 1.png

Screen Shot 2.png

Screen Shot 3.png

Screen Shot 4.png

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This topic is 2326 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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