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A New Developer’s Progress in JumpStartFM




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Kimberly Carlson is VP of Operations but is new to FileMaker. After about a year in her position at MSN Media, she decided to take the plunge and join the June 2015 JumpStartFM.

“I’d never heard of FileMaker before last August,” said Carlson. “I started working with Matt Navarre at MSN Media full time in September, and I’ve been aching to learn it ever since.”

After the live kick-off event on June 1, Carlson completed the JumpStartFM training plan. Completed by each student who participates in the course, this document begins the conversation with the instructors that helps them tailor JumpStartFM to the learning goals of each individual. The JumpStartFM training plan asks students to identify a set of desired learning outcomes for the one-month course as well as a few short-term and long-term goals for their careers.

Kimberly Carlson says, “After my conversation with Molly Connolly, we agreed that my initial goals for JumpStartFM were set way too high.  Molly has so much experience training new developers. She helped me take on a more realistic approach given my experience with FileMaker is fairly limited.”

After discussing her training plan, Molly and Kimberly agreed on a revised set of learning outcomes. At the end of the JumpStartFM FileMaker training course, Kimberly will be able to take on QA and testing; billing clients after just one month.

The training plan also asks JumpStartFM students to identify some measures of success so that they can evaluate their progress toward their own learning goals. Even after just one week of JumpStartFM, a new developer like Kimberly Carlson is able to measure a change in her FileMaker skill set:

“What used to take me ten minutes now takes me ten seconds. What seemed overwhelming at first is starting to flow. It’s really quite satisfying to know I can create a button that performs a script and WORKS.”

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