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URL Based Solution Updating

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By Matt Petrowsky

Recently, FileMaker released its iOS App SDK for FileMaker Pro. This new technology for FileMaker developers allows for both consultants and solution developers to create client or customer specific solutions which can run on iOS without having to install FileMaker Go.

Given the speed with which a FileMaker solution can be built and deployed, the knowledge of using the Separation Model of deployment becomes a valuable tool for creating agile solutions. Easily updated and easily deployed.

When it's possible to update a FileMaker solution via the click of a button, you can iterate very quickly and both fix issues and enhance functionality. Clients and customers get to realize the benefits of having a custom solution while being able to take advantage of the powerful features which FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server offer.

If you've never used the Separation Model, then there's still a big benefit to knowing that you can create a stand-alone FileMaker solution for use on a mobile device. Being able to update this solution is a critical component in the development of software using FileMaker Pro.

In this video, I showcase not only the technology, but the know-how necessary to update any given FileMaker file which exists on a device - be it a desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone.


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