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Developer Time Savers

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When you’re in the “zone” while developing, it feels really good to get stuff done. You feel like you’re “flow”-ing through the problems and simply knocking them out one by one.

That feeling which comes from achieving “flow” is often hard to have when you hit situations where you feel like you’re being hindered by the environment or a lack of knowledge. Having to stop for research or fumbling through the development environment is one of those necessary evils. It’s the learning part that takes the time and being super familiar with the environment is when the “flow” arrives - ultimately, it’s a great feeling.

This week’s video is all about finding that “flow” much quicker within FileMaker. Having worked within the environment for a couple of decades, I can say you really only have to focus on the new stuff as it comes out. You’re not overwhelmed by all the other stuff you know you don’t know. This degree of leverage really affords a great sense of developmental confidence.

If learning how to “flow” within FileMaker is one of your own objectives, then allow me to show you some of my personal tips and tricks when it comes to getting stuff done quickly within FileMaker Pro.

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