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Product Review of FMPerception

FileMaker Magazine



FileMaker Database analysis has been around since the days when FileMaker made its meta data available through its Database Design Report - or DDR for short.

The report, for as long as I can recall, has been available in the human readable HTML format and also in the machine language format of XML.

Various developers have always made use of this verbose collection of tidbits about a database, but none have made it as fast as FMPerception. This newly released database analysis tool is the fastest information tool possible for answering questions about FileMaker Pro systems.

If you have any type of question about what’s used where and how within your database, then the fastest answers will come from FMPerception. Its especially helpful when working on a larger system or working within a team and you want to track what others have done to the solution.

This video provides a walkthrough of how to use FMPerception and how you can integrate it into your everyday development workflow.

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