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Using cURL within FileMaker Pro

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While FileMaker’s script step Insert from URL does allow for basic communication with web services, it is, by no means, comprehensive enough to provide all the features necessary. What’s really needed is the full cURL library.

This open source tool has been available for over 15 years and is baked into a ton of software packages, including FileMaker itself. However, it’s really only exposed within plug-ins such as Base Elements and the MBS plug-in.

So, in order to fully understand what going on, it’s best to start with the source. And, that’s understanding cURL itself and how options are managed and how you set and parse HTTP headers.

This video walks through the process of using cURL within the context of a plug-in. Once you understand how to set and control settings through the plug-in, you’re off to the races and working with any web service you can think of.

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We released FMcURL back in 2003 IIRC it was for FileMaker 5/6 on Mac OS X, not sure if it still works. Version 6 of cURL is 17 years old.

Perhaps I can compile it again for newer versions, if I am still able to find the source code, i e

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