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Version 16 Brings Major New Security Features

Steven H. Blackwell


FileMaker 16 Platform Brings Significant New Security Features




The release of Version 16 of the FileMaker Platform brings with it a host of new security features reaching across the entire FileMaker Platform, from FileMaker® Server 16 to FileMaker® Pro 16 to WebDirect™ and beyond.

There are new controls on the use of three external Application Programming Interfaces (API’s): AppleEvents, ActiveX, and FMPURL.  These controls significantly strengthen security in this area and prevent use of the API’s to manipulate and compromise the database files.

There is a new option to encrypt individual fields in a table of the database. Developers must learn what this feature is and what it does and does not do.  For example, it does not replace Encryption At Rest (EAR) for files.

Version 16 also expands Federated Identity Management with the addition of three new Identity Services that can authenticate user identity assertions.  Google Accounts, Amazon Accounts, and Azure Active Directory Accounts and Groups, can now validate such assertions.  Again, developers must learn how this feature works and what it does and does not do.

Read more in this new White Paper jointly authored by Wim Decorte and Steven H. Blackwell.


Introduction To The Numerous Significant New Security Features In FileMaker Platform Version 16


that you can download from this link:




You can also read more about the new OAuth2 Identity Assertion Validation options in a second White Paper also jointly authored by Wim Decorte and Steven H. Blackwell.

Federated Identity Management OAuth Identity Providers in FileMaker 16


that you can download from this link:



Wim Decorte will also be presenting a program at the 2017 DevCon on this topic.


Steven H. Blackwell

Platinum Member Emeritus, FileMaker Business Alliance



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