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OAuth Identity Providers by Wim Decorte and Steven H. Blackwell

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Thanks Steven.  This is very interesting.  I read the paper and admittedly only can follow the broader concepts.  

FaceBock uses Oauth2 and support SSO for many platforms.  I am struggling to determine if the work you presented means that we can use FB for authentication or if I am mixing two entirely different concepts.  Can you help clarify this for me?   

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Yes, you can use Facebook accounts but probably only federated/delegated through one of the other providers.  I only looked at FB's implementation directly and it did not look like a standard OAuth2 / OIDC that allowed configuration of the proper scopes and claims to make it work.  But with more research it may turn out that you can.

Most of the big IDaaS providers provide delegation to Social providers like LinkedIn and FB.  So you could look at those if your research into FB itself turns out to be too difficult.

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