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Quick Find Power Mode

FileMaker Magazine


Who doesn't like the simplicity of using a single field to search across many. That's essentially what Quick Find is. In fact, by default FileMaker makes the silly assumption that every field you add to a layout is something you want the user to be able to search.

Essentially, you want to take control of the user experience in terms of search and make sure the user is not only searching what you want them to search, but also able to search in a fashion which is both familiar and comfortable.

This technique file and video will walk you through the details needed to take full control of the Quick Find experience. You can enforce desirable effects such as sorted record sets and keep the user within the search field ready for multiple repeated search attempts.

By taking advantage of a variety of FileMaker features, we can create both an easy-to-implement and universally powerful Quick Find feature. Watch the video and use the associated technique file in order to have a better understanding of how Quick Find truly works within FileMaker Pro.

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