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Universal List View Sorting

FileMaker Magazine


What makes FileMaker development so fun is the variety of different functions and script steps. They provide an almost infinite number of combinations to solve a wide variety of technical problems. There isn't always just "one way to do it". So, what happens when you stop to think about a more recent feature in light of how you've "always done it before"? Like... sorting... for example.

Have you always simply attached the Sort script step to your list view headers and called it a day? What if you could use just two simple scripts to provide single field sorting solution wide? This seems pretty cool since you can manage the sorting of all list views and be able to quickly add this feature to any given layout. Reusable code is a great thing.

That's exactly what this video is all about. Taking advantage of lesser known features in order to create technical solutions which provide a high degree of leverage. Let's learn how to sort any field with just two simple scripts!

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