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Mutually Exclusive Values

FileMaker Magazine


Value lists are one of the fundamental building blocks of any good UI built on top of a database system. Providing users with a preselected list of options to choose from helps the data entry process go faster and - is - just easier.

When using value lists, there are times when you need to limit the number of selections of any given value to being used just once. You may also need to enforce that one of each of all possible values is used.

In this video, we tackle both situations by enforcing mutually exclusive values. The user can pick any given value only once and they must use all possible values. While this is what's implemented in the technique file, it's not the limit of how you can use what is taught. You can, of course, modify the technique file to accomplish whatever you need regarding the selection of unique values. It's the tips and tricks you learn along the way that improve your FileMaker development skills.

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