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Big 3 Local Development Options

FileMaker Magazine


Being able to develop locally, as if the data and the server was right there on your local machine provides a nice advantage. You know how the solution will work when hosted, you can develop and test PSOS scripts effectively, and you're generally protected from client crashes. Plus, you're fully mobile if need be - it's all on one machine.

This is where hosting your FileMaker solutions locally becomes a big advantage. This video showcases what I consider to be the Big 3 of local hosting. 1) You can install FileMaker Server right onto your local machine within the local OS. 2) You can run FileMaker Server within a virtual machine or 3) you can now use Docker locally to host your FileMaker data.

No matter what you choose, it's beneficial to emulate that server environment and host your data locally as you develop. This video will provide you with some of the details about making that happen and which one you might choose to go with.

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