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Learning FileMaker Functions

FileMaker Magazine


When you really want to master creating all kinds of powerful solutions within FileMaker, then you'll have to be familiar with as many functions as possible. In fact, it doesn't hurt to know and have used every single one at least once or twice. The sooner you become familiar, the more things you'll be able to accomplish.

Reflecting on my own journey with learning all of FileMaker's functions, I remembered working with a dog-eared paper manual with sticky notes popping out all over the place. There were many trips back and forth to the same functions as I became familiar with how they could be combined in creative ways.

At the same time, I was digging through other developer's code in order to better understand how I could use those functions in various other ways.

In this video I show you the best way to go about learning FileMaker's functions in our current paper manual-less world where documentation is digital and you can play with the functions to your heart's content - in real time. If you know you need to learn more of FileMaker's functions, then try the methods and tips you'll find in this week's video.

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