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Learning JavaScript in FileMaker

FileMaker Magazine


Some developers who start with FileMaker never extend beyond it. Hopefully, that's not you. Or, at least you're willing to look into learning some other languages and see how they can benefit your FileMaker solutions!

In FileMaker 19 we gained both a new script step named "Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer" and a JavaScript function embedded into the Web Viewer named "FileMaker.PerformScript()". If you haven't taken the time to investigate how these new features work, then allow me to give you the gentle push into taking advantage of them.

While formerly we could use a plug-in to directly execute JavaScript, and there were some "hackish" workarounds to using the JavaScript within Web Viewers, we now have a totally native way to take advantage of this very powerful technology. Understanding how things work, and what you can do, will expand your development capabilities. I highly suggest you take a serious look at learning a bit of JavaScript and the cool thing is you can do it right within a FileMaker file!

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