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Restoring User Environments

FileMaker Magazine


Over the years I've created a number of videos about restoring user state. Returning windows to their last viewed location, restoring tabs and slider panels to those last viewed, etc. I've also created videos about super quick startup and managing users within a Users table.

What I haven't shown is how I combine all of those processes into a powerful user environment restoration routine. Along with highly maintainable (and transportable) code. I've used this approach on most all of the solutions I create and have found it to be the most flexible and best way to manage the user environment. It all came about when FileMaker 16 released with the then new JSON functions. If you haven't yet used JSON in your solutions, then this single video will give you reason enough to start using them.

If you'd like to provide each and every user of your solution with their own personal settings and make sure your FileMaker solutions acts and reacts like professional software, then you'll certainly want to take advantage of this video and the provided technique file!

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