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FileMaker Sharing Steps

FileMaker Magazine


Having recently consulted with a newer developer unfamiliar with the way FileMaker hosting/sharing works, I found that discussing the process would be a good primer for anyone just starting with FileMaker. If you've only ever worked or developed your file on your local machine, then learning how to host that file will be a big benefit. Especially if you need to collaborate with another developer.

One of the key benefits of developing with FileMaker is the fact that it allows for collaborative live development. This is a feature which makes it quite nice to create a system where multiple developers can provide input and development into a solution which can reach maturity faster than when developed solo on a local machine. Code sharing is also a great benefit.

In this video, I walk through the steps to be aware of when hosting your FileMaker file. We go through privilege set settings, encrypting the file for sharing and other settings you should be aware of when developing with FileMaker.

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