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Structure Planning & Schema Tips

FileMaker Magazine


One of the best parts of learning to develop within FileMaker is you have a great sense of "full control" over the data you want to manage. This applies to situations even as simple as a hobby or something you enjoy. In fact, these "hobby databases" are some of the best ways to expand your learning about how to both structure and present data. If you haven't before, you should give yourself a challenge with something you enjoy!

In this video, I decided to break down the series of steps I took while simply creating a game tracking database for managing a hobby sport of mine. Pickleball is a fast-growing sport which seemingly sits right between tennis and table tennis (ping pong). I wanted my own solution to manage some games and decided to take a few hours to create the needed structure. Yeah, there's software out there, but I really like that "full control" feeling.

The solution developed quickly and I saved versions of the file as I went along. The benefit of your time investment in this video is, hopefully, a good explanation of how to approach the process of structuring and presenting your data. Along the way you may pickup some useful tips which may help your current and future database systems.

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