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Mastering FileMaker Server – Learn best practices for hosting your own FileMaker files



Did you see our course, Mastering FileMaker Server? Productive Computing University revamped its FileMaker SSL course to address much more than installing SSL certificates in FileMaker Server.

Installing SSL certificates on FileMaker Server was no picnic back in the day, and thanks to recent updates, a 2-3 hour course solely providing instructions on SSL certificates may no longer be necessary. Now that it’s easier to install SSLs with FileMaker Server, PCU updated the course with an expanded list of offerings that includes full FileMaker Server training and best practices.

What is FileMaker Server?

Most businesses need to share data with a team of people and be able to access the data from anywhere - in the office, at home, or on the road. Without FileMaker Server, you wouldn’t be able to host your files and share them with your team or the world. It’s the essential glue that connects your systems to your users. Some businesses choose to hire a FileMaker hosting company, while others choose to host their file internally using an “on-premise” server.

As you can imagine, setting up FileMaker Server correctly on your own server hardware is incredibly important. Any disruptions, downtime, or data loss could be catastrophic to your business.


PCU’s FileMaker Server course

Mastering FileMaker Server (FMS) helps both beginners and advanced FileMaker users learn the basics of FileMaker Server installation and configuration. Since most of this information isn’t available in a FileMaker Server manual, this course will save your hours of time spent combing through YouTube videos and forums.

We designed this course to help:

  • New developers: If you’re working with the FileMaker platform, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to install, configure, manage, maintain, and monitor FileMaker Server.
  • Experienced FileMaker developers: Mastering FMS includes hours of content tailored specifically to more complex FileMaker Server topics.
  • IT specialists: Mastering FMS helps IT specialists bridge the gap with clear, actionable how-tos and best practices to help you lock down your data.

What’s covered in the Mastering FileMaker Server course?

The Mastering FileMaker Server course will teach you both basic and advanced tips, including:

  • FileMaker Server installation: Our expert FileMaker instructor will give you a clear, accurate walkthrough on how to correctly install FileMaker Server with confidence.
  • SSL procurement and installation: Mastering FMS will teach you why SSL certificates are important to your FileMaker platform, what types of SSLs to order, and how to install them onto FileMaker Server.
  • Configuration and connections: Learn how to configure FMS so your users can access data via  FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and a browser. You’ll also learn how to connect FMS to the FileMaker Data API, other APIs, and large data sets using ODBC / JDBC.
  • Best practices and troubleshooting: Instruction manuals don’t cover everything—learn the ins and outs of FileMaker from experts who have years of experience with FileMaker Server. Mastering FMS will show you how to troubleshoot, understand network issues, review event logs, and improve performance. You’ll also learn how to view, review, and parse logs that can help you troubleshoot FMS outages or issues.
  • Setting up backups: Learn the basics of FMS backups in this course. You’ll also learn how to create automated, custom, and progressive backups. Ensuring that you have a robust backup strategy.
  • Command line interface: Learn how to control and configure all the many details of FileMaker Server, some of which are ONLY available via the command line interface.

Curious about the change? Learn more about our new and improved course, Mastering FileMaker Server.

Enroll in Mastering FMS now

In the world of technology, times are changing, and PCU is changing with them. Our new Mastering FMS course will give you an edge so you can confidently install, configure, manage, and maintain your FileMaker Server.

Good news! If you’re an existing subscriber to the original FileMaker Server SSL Certificate Installation course or the PCU University Bundle, you’re grandfathered in and will have immediate access to the new course content.

Want to learn how to manage your own FileMaker Server? Check out the Mastering FileMaker Server course.

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