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FileMaker® Server 12: Bold New Steps

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Steven H. Blackwell


April 27th--Update.

We were recently advised that a last minute change in the encryption level of secure storage resulted in that encryption's being 128 bit, not 256 bit as the attached document on Containers states. This is still a strong level of encryption.


April 4th 2012

Today’s release of FileMaker® Server 12, together with its companion FileMaker Pro and FileMaker GO products, marks another important milestone on the FileMaker, Inc. Product Roadmap.

FileMaker Server is at the center of all robust and business critical FileMaker solution deployments. It provides safe and reliable hosting of multiple files for access by multiple simultaneous users employing a variety of clients including FileMaker Pro, FileMaker GO, modern web browsers, and ODBC/JDBC savvy applications.

There is one very important caveat about all this, however. For FileMaker Server reliably and effectively to accomplish its various tasks, it must be deployed correctly, configured correctly, and managed correctly.

There are a number of new features in FileMaker Server 12; likewise there are some very significant changes in the way long-standing features function. It is very important for all FileMaker devel­opers and all IT Administrators with FileMaker Server responsibilities to be aware of these in order correctly and safely to deploy the new version of FileMaker Server.

Wim Decorte and I are pleased to present a series of Technical Narratives that discuss a variety of these topics in some depth and detail.

FileMaker® Server 12 Overview

FileMaker® Server 12 Remote Containers

FileMaker® Server 12 New SSL Features

FileMaker® Server 12 Processes

FileMaker® Server 12 Cache

FileMaker® Server 12 Backups

PDF’s of these papers are attached to this BLOG post as an archive. Simply save the Archive by clicking on the file icon and extract the Narratives. Start with the one titled Overview.


Steven H. Blackwell

Platinum Member Emeritus, FileMaker Business Alliance



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Thanks Steven and Wim.... Very useful articles while working with FMS 12.

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Wim and Steven,

    Thanks for writing all of this up; very nice articles.


However, I have a question that doesn't appear to be too closely addressed:  in respect to Progressive Backups, how long do you have to realize and respond to a problem with you DB? 

    As I understand it, you really only have (2 * Interval) minutes to respond to a problem with your database.  If you wait longer than that to grab a copy of the backup file, then you will get a copy that contains the bad data or corrupted file structure.

    Does Progressive backup BETTER protect you against file corruption, since it is (or sounds like it is) recreating changes made to the Live file instead of copying the Live file itself?  If you are working under the hood on the live file (yeah, I know, you aren't supposed to work in the live file) and something goes wrong (FM client crashes) that corrupts the Live file, even if the data gets copied to the Progressive file at time of the interval, would it result in the same corruption?  Or, since it is a different file, would it just contain valid updates, and perhaps skip/ignore the transaction that was happening when it crashed?   If the system is using a 'log of changes' to make the changes to the Progressive backups, how does it handle a 'change' that was interrupted by the crashing of the client?



-- J

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