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FileMaker Server 12 BackUps FAQs

Steven H. Blackwell




FileMaker Server 12 BackUps Frequently Asked Questions



FileMaker® Server 12 has a number of new features for creating backups of databases it hosts.


As evidenced by questions raised at the 2012 DevCon and as evidenced by a number of items posted on various FileMaker lists, there is a good deal of confusion still about how the new backup system works.


Wim Decorte and I have authored a short set of Frequently Asked Questions along with their answers about this topic. You can download the attached PDF that contains this information.


Among the questions we address are these:


How have backups changed in FileMaker® Server 12?


I want to schedule an incremental or progressive backup. But I can’t find where that is done? How do I schedule this?


I need to restore from the last backup. But I get an error message when I try to open the backup file directly in FileMaker Pro or host it on FileMaker Server. Are my backups broken?


Where does FileMaker Server put the actual backup copies it creates?


We hope the answers to these and to other FAQ’s about FileMaker Server 12 backups will assist the developer community and IT Administrators with FileMaker responsibilities to understand how the new systems work and how to employ them effectively.


Steven H. Blackwell


Click on the attached PDF to download the document.


September 12th 2012


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Welcome, David. Credit should go to Wim for the bulk of this. Hope it proves useful to you. Feel free please to invite SOFA members' attention to this link.


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