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True Drag & Drop Lists

FileMaker Magazine


When FileMaker simply can't do what's needed natively, you resort to pulling out the old web viewer and just doing it there. Yes, learning JavaScript may be something you're resistant to - or - maybe you've fully embraced the maximum extent of the power we have access to. Either way, there are many things JavaScript can do better and all we need is to move the data back and forth between the web viewer and our fields.

When it comes to a truly natural feeling of drag and drop with lists, your only option is the web viewer and JavaScript. Fortunately, using a library named Sortable, we can easily support a very natural drag and drop experience. Sortable provide an extremely wide array of features in terms of any kind of drag and drop you might want to offer within FileMaker.

This video, and it's supporting technique file, will provide you with the starting point of how you can use Sortable within your solution in order to achieve that desired natural drag and drop experience.

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