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FMRPC | FileMaker Remote Procedure Call | Alternate Demo File

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Skeleton Key


<p><a href="/blog/FMRPC-Alternate-Demo-File-And-A-Performance-Tip"><br /><h1>FMRPC: Alternate Demo file and a performance tip</h1>

<p></p></a><br /><a href="/images/FMRPC.png" align="right"><img width="150" height="42" src="/images/FMRPC.png" /></a></p>

<p>We've had a number of requests for the 'Teaser' file I used in the YouTube videos where we showcased <a href="/FMRPC"><b>FMRPC</b></a>. This blog post explains how that file is constructed, and lets you download it and take it for a test drive yourself. You'll find this file has less educational content and complexity than the demo file we ship with FMRPC, so consider it an alternative demo file that tries to make the scripting easier to follow and recreate in your own solutions.<br /><a href="/images/Blog/2013-07-03_FMRPC/Teaser.png"><img width="576" height="442.5" src="/images/Blog/2013-07-03_FMRPC/Teaser.png" /></a><br />We've also had some feedback about how Native vs FMRPC operations stack up over time. This blog will also provide a little insight into how you'll get the most out of FMRPC if you first understand how FileMaker moves data over the LAN/WAN.<br /><br /></p>

<p><a href="http://www.skeletonkey.com/blog/FMRPC-Alternate-Demo-File-And-A-Performance-Tip" target="_blank">read more</a></p>


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