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FileMaker Pro 12 Tips and Tricks, Using ZipTastic Web Service to retrieve City, State, Country.

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From Excelisys by Doug West, Product/Project Manager, a Free FileMaker Pro 12 Tip and Trick demo to retrieve City, State, Country with just a Zip code using a web service called Ziptastic.

Basic demonstration of accessing a web service called “Ziptastic” from within FileMaker Pro 12 to retrieve City, State, Country with a Zip using the insert from URL script step introduced in FileMaker Pro 12 (no plug-ins!). The web service provides the corresponding city, state, and country for a given ZIP Code. The scripts in this file parse the JSON-formatted response from the web service into the appropriate fields.

So, basic concepts:

  • Access a web service without plug-ins
  • Insert from URL script step
  • Parse JSON data

FileMaker Pro 12 Demo File

Visit the Excelisys Tips and Tricks section to download the file and instructions today!


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