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The Design Masterclass 2 Day Getaway


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The DESIGN Masterclass 2 Day Getaway is coming to Kinetic Office in Birmingham, AL this February 4th & 5th, and we would love to see you there!


During the 2 Day Getaway Albert Harum-Alvarez will teach you how to apply four simple Rules of Thumb to your solution, to point the way toward stronger App Design. Bring your app and make a plan for improving your design work.


The DESIGN Masterclass is the class you can bill for, because it’s all about advancing your app. There’s nothing like it in the FileMaker world, or anywhere else for that matter! 




The DESIGN Masterclass hurt like a deep tissue massage—but I still came back for more!” — Rob Russell

“I see training classes a lot. But at The DESIGN Masterclass, the students were so engaged! This was a different kind of class, to be sure. — Ana Luisa Mosqueda
The DESIGN Masterclass was the best training class I ever took. It changed my life!” — Dr. Florence Haseltine


Read more of what your colleagues are saying about the Masterclass:




And find out more than you ever hoped to know about the class at:




Early Bird discounts are available until December 21st. Reduced rates are available for the second and third student from the same company. 

Call us with any questions!

 Admission is $1179 and is by interview only, so don’t wait to get in touch. Call Small Co. at 877-66-small


) ext. 4.





This Masterclass is presented by…



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