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when to use the duplicate config function of MirrorSync (MS)

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Hello Jesse,

From a previous thread Started by OceansWest

So I wanted to test MS by setting up a duplicate configuration one using Java, the other xml. 

So this new testing database was setup --(which I used as a duplicate from an existing in use configuration...i deleted all mirror sync tables, layouts, scripts and external references before setting this up).

Step one was to modify an existing jdbc setup, reinstall new scripts, layouts external reference etc etc.

step 2 was to duplicate the test configuration and modify to using xml

When using the configuration tool, I selected "duplicate" a configuration that I just setup for my JDBC. I renamed the configuration so MS would create a new set of scripts, and proceeded with next. At the point of recognizing that i needed to paste the new script steps into my file, the program would not paste the script steps in. So it would seem that perhaps duplicate is not the best feature to use because i could not paste the new script steps in, or because maybe duplicate doesn't quite work the way I think it does. 

Can you elaborate when we can use the duplicate function? I was hoping to test the speed on 3.1 with synching an empty file, as there are items that i don't want the field users to have, and the only way is to give them an empty file or create a synch and filter 


Update --- so after closing the duplicate file, and than reopening the duplicated configuration, it seems that was necessary for the config engine to "re evaluate" my synch configuration. (Much like when you want to test the SQL statement on the tool, you have to finish the config, and than open it with edit, navigate to the sql setup, and than MS will recognize what your testing and provided results). Anyways after doing that I was able to past the new xml based synch config scripts into my test file (Note to anyone else doing this, you also need to change to xml for your synch and finish all the way through, mirror sync will not create the relationship needed for the primary keys, and will not find the relationship until you complete the setup and than re edit the sync, than the tool will be able to setup the proper relationships as need......FYI)



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kind of figured it out -- but would still like clarification
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This topic is 2740 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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