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[ANN] LiveCode for FM Brings Easy Flexible Coding to FileMaker Apps

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LiveCode for FM brings two worlds together, providing infinite possibilities for rich data driven Apps.


The first beta of LiveCode for FM was released. This brings the easy English based coding of LiveCode to the much loved FileMaker database app builder. The convergence of these two powerful technologies creates a ground breaking solution for creating native data driven apps with interactive user interfaces, multimedia and deep API integration.


A Natural Partnership

LiveCode has its roots in HyperCard, the natural coding language released by Apple in the 80's, the same era that Apple also introduced FileMaker. Over the last 15 years LiveCode has gone from strength to strength and now comes full circle to empower FileMaker users everywhere.


A Game Changer

FileMaker excels at providing data driven capabilities while LiveCode excels at native app centric features. By running LiveCode applications within FileMaker a whole new class of interactive app can now be created rapidly by using the unique strengths from each environment.


By combining LiveCode and FileMaker, users can build more sophisticated apps. Users can:


  • Display fully interactive content built in LiveCode within FileMaker
  • Use LiveCode’s incredibly rich, deep feature set, with 30+ fully customizable interface objects and 5000+ language features built-in, plus flexible widgets and community built libraries for even the most sophisticated project
  • Continue to use all of FileMaker’s great data toolset and rich business app building features
  • Integrate external systems including OS and complex web APIs
  • Add functions that are currently difficult or impossible in FileMaker, for example:


     * A billing calculator
     * Survey tool
     * Tree data display
     * Animated chart
     * Rich text editor
     * Manipulate data going into or retrieved from FileMaker using natural English “chunk” expressions, traditional regular expressions, nested arrays, and a whole host of professional grade data manipulation tools.



Kevin Miller, CEO of LiveCode Ltd., said:


"I'm absolutely thrilled to be bringing the ease of use and flexibility of LiveCode to the outstanding data app capabilities of FileMaker. This combination means whatever app building talents you have can go further than ever before. Even those without a professional programming background can now build richer interactive apps while consultants and pros can build deeper, integrated experiences that were not possible with FileMaker alone before LiveCode for FM.”


Todd Geist, CEO of Geist Interactive, a leading creator of custom FileMaker tools and plugins, said:


"LiveCode For FM brings together two programming tools that I have been using since the early 90s. Now I get to mash up LiveCode stacks with FileMaker to create new kinds of interfaces, connect to the operating system at the lowest level, or reach out into the cloud. I am very excited about what this brings to the FileMaker Platform. The sky is not even a limit."


LiveCode for FM includes a variety of editable samples to help you get started quickly, including a connector to Google Drive, Video Capture tool, PDF selection tool, dialog editor, Script Workspace and Interactive Tutorial to show you how to build your own content. You can download and trial the beta of LiveCode for FM here:




About LiveCode Ltd.

LiveCode Ltd, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, has a vision to create a productive coding platform for building powerful applications that are accessible to everyone. They make the dual licensed LiveCode platform for building native mobile, desktop and server applications, either as Open Source GPL licensed or using a Commercial license to protect source code. The visual workflow allows the user to develop apps live while the natural language syntax is powerful and uniquely accessible. The company is committed to promoting digital literacy. Commercial successes include both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. LiveCode apps have grossed over US $100 million and include #1 best sellers, enterprise business systems, games, and productivity tools.




Steven Crighton

Digital Marketing Manager

+44 (0) 131 252 5300

United Kingdom

[email protected]


FileMaker is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple and HyperCard are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. LiveCode is a trademark of LiveCode Ltd., registered in the EU and other countries.

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